'EasyLift' Sectional Door

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'EasyLift Sectional Door

EasyLift Overhead sectional door made of steel slats guarantee maximum security and reliability. The double-skinned PU foam core design is heat insulating and particularly suitable for heated halls.
Insulated sandwich panel, double-skin, with rust resistant embossed galvanized steel, coated with baked-on polyester paint finish.

Polyurethane foam core

the middle of the door panel is filled with high quality polyurethane foam and the foam. Density is up to 40kg / m3 . Therefore the door panel is provided with good intensity, heat preservation and sound insulation capability.

Reinforcing steel mat

the steel reinforcing steel mats are pre-embedded in the place of fixing hinges and roller brackets to ensure the enough intensity of the door and more fastness of the connection

Door Panel

The steel thickness of 0.45mm comes in Standard thickness of door panel is 40mm Available in RAL 9016 (White). The Height of each panel section comes in 435mm, 485mm and 535mm. Maximum height can goes to 6000mm and maximum width is 5000mm. All the panel will be protected by a layer of transparent protective film. Outboard struts when the door width is surpass 4850mm, it should be configured with outboard struts to ensure the enough intensity of the door.

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