'EasyRapid' roll up door

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Detailed Product Description

1.Dust-proof,noise proof
2.Smoothly & fast operate
3.Make full use of space
4.Raise the rate of production efficiently

high speed interior PVC door is widely used as entrance control in the industry of food, medicine manufacturing, electronics, publishing, printing, rubber, textiles, shopping centre, warehouse, logistics, auto manufacturing etc. It's the best choice for fast open/close and regional isolation to prevent cold air flow.


--SEW/SNMA motor
--Mitsubishi or DANFOSS Frequency-Converter and PLC
--Automatic induction in open and close
--High density door curtain
--imported from France with transparent windows in the middle part
--Special performance in sealing, heat insulation, sound insulation, dustproof, lighting and high speed(0.7m/s-1.7m/s, adjustable) etc.

High Speed in Open and Close:

--The door curtain is changeable and good windproof (20m/s)
--Opened and closed by 1000~1500 times per day.
--Speed range from 0.7m/s to 1.7m/s, efficient in work and energy-saving.

Security system: meets the requirements of CE.

--Photoelectric sensor
--Safe edge bottom
--Emergency stop protection

Optional Open way:

--Pull rope
--Remote control
--Loop detector
--Push button

High speed door with adjustable opening and closing speed(0.8m/s-2.0m/s),It is made of high quality polyseter(0.8mm) and alluminum alloy and stainless steel door frame,high strength strip have a good resistance against wind.sectional design convenient for maintain and repair.sensor can be arranged to radar reaction/managetic loops/remote contrl and manual rope etc.

Motor : SEW Brand High Speed motor
Electrical Source : 220V/380V (+-20)
Infrared electrical device : Korea AUTONICS Brand infrared device
Bottom Bar : Air pressure rubber sensor
Door Curtain : France SIOEN Brand high density industrial fabric / 2mm Thick high quality transparent PVC
Opening device : Belgium BEA Brand two-faces phased array radar or Geomagnetism
Bumping post : 2 pcs bumper post
Side Tracks & Top cover : 2mm Thick high quality steel c/w powder coating
Aluminium Windbar : Can withstand average wind pressure & not liable to warp
Control Box : Taiwan Shihlin PLC

Price: Negotiable

Delivery: 3 days after payment
Valid until: Never Expire