'EasyFlex' pvc strip curtain

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PVC Strip curtain door considerably reduces the problem of draught, spray, welding flash, noise and dust. Our clear curtain provide good visibility and allows an easy passage to and from your work place. Installation is straight forward and the strips can easily be remove or replace if required.

Key features:

Unlimited access by vehicles and padestrians. Energy conservation Rounded edge to avoid injury to padestians. Effective reduction in heat, cold and humidity loss, noise and dust transmission. Prevent bird, flies, dust, fumes etc. from entering the working area. Maintainance requiring an occasional wash with plain water/ colins.

Ideal for

Automobile industry, textile mills
Cold storage, ice cream units.
Food/ meat processing unit
Engineering industry

Offered range :

Transparent clear flat - 200mm x 2mm x 50m
(Chiller & freezer grade) - 300mm x 3mm x 50m

Transparent clear double ribbed - 200mm x 6mm x 50m
(Chiller & freezer grade) - 300mm x 7mm x 50m
Yellow/anti insect flat 200mm x 2mm x 50m
300mm x 3mm x 50m
Anti static flat - 200mm x 2mm x 50m
Welding - 200mm x 2mm x 50m
Tranparent PVC Sheet 1200mm x 1/2/3/5/7/10mm Thick
(Chiller & freezer grade) Bracket - ‘EasyFlex’ adjustable aluminium bracket c/w cover
- ‘EasyFlex’ Stainless steel hanger & clamps

Price: Negotiable

Delivery: 3 days after payment
Valid until: Never Expire