Indoor and Outdoor Convex Mirror

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In serving as an important tool for outdoor use such as outdoor parking area, road side (corner in particular), and etc., SAFER outdoor Stainless Steel Convex Mirror helps in ensuring safety, security and accident revention of the intended area.
SSCM 320 - Diameter 320mm Gross Weight - 1.5kg (Wall / Pole Mounted)
SSCM 490 - Diameter 490mm Gross Weight - 3.5kg (Wall / Pole Mounted)
SSCM 600 - Diameter 600mm Gross Weight - 11kg (Wall / Pole Mounted)
SSCM 800 - Diameter 800mm Gross Weight - 15kg (Pole Mounted)
SSCM 1000 - Diameter 1000mm Gross Weight - 21kg (Pole Mounted)
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